GOD'S Perspective on MONEY
By David Hope

God's Perspective on Money should be a required reading for every Christian.
The approach is different, rather unique; but Biblically sound. The reader will have a new or better understanding about money once they complete this book.
Many ideas, formulas and traditions have been set forth by the church but few have truly revealed the heart of Jesus and the Father concerning money as does this book.

Don't you think it is about time for all true followers of Jesus to know His Position on money?

This is not a book on "prosperity"; although to accept this sound doctrine and practice the same will cause one to prosper. The author, has been anointed to reveal a major gospel truth too long overlooked; sowing and reaping.
God's Perspective on Money correctly explains the doctrine of sowing and reaping.

Hilton Sutton

ISBN 978-097721-9-4