Was Jesus a Socialist or a Capitalist?
By David Hope

This compelling work by Christian author David Hope aroused my passions.

I found it inspirational, thought provoking and penned by a true patriot and lover of liberty! Inspirational because it was packed full of encouragement to be all that we were created to be, to rise up and lay hold of our God given destinies, and to realize that Christians have all been endowed with gifts from above and given the great opportunity to be participants in the End Time Harvest of Souls.

Thought provoking because Reverend Hope clears away the confusion by wielding forth the sword of truth. I love his no nonsense one liners chocked full of biblical principles and practical application.- Lee Short
Missionary to Mexico and The Dominican Republic
Founder and President of Vida International

In Was Jesus a Socialist or a Capitalist?, the author draws a line in the sand and states his case against forced government redistribution of wealth and proclaims that the best days of the glorious and triumphant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ lie ahead.


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